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When can Reconnective Healing help?

As we can see in scientific studies all over the world, Reconnective Healing is revolutionary new and causes healing to happen on all levels – the level of our body, emotions, mind and soul, and these healings can be seen and felt immediately. That’s why there are is no such thing as one or several ‘special fields’ when it comes to Reconnective Healing, and there’s ultimately no symptom, disease or problem for which you would not want to see a certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner.

The list of what can be treated by Reconnective Healing and for where Reconnective Healing can bring ease is therefore endless, but examples and indications for a treatment with Reconnective Healing, either in person or at distance, can be the following:

  • recovery and rehabilitation from accidents or a disease
  • burnout syndrome
  • stress and stress-related issues
  • alcoholism and other addictions
  • exhaustion, fatigue, adrenal fatigue
  • sleeping disorders
  • peak performance in career and sports
  • depression
  • state of anxiety, panic attacks, nightmares
  • chronic and/or intense pain, headaches, migraines
  • smoking withdrawal and withdrawal symptomes
  • drug withdrawal
  • separation, divorce
  • loss, death of a loved being (person, animal)
  • asthma, allergies, hay fever
  • rheumatism, fibromyalgia
  • joint pain
  • troubles and weak immune-system
  • hyperactivity in children, lack of concentration and learning disorders
  • PMS syndrom (pre menstrual syndrome)
  • pregnancy, preparation for birth, support postpartum
  • babies crying and having problems with digestion
  • ametropia, strabismus, distortion of the cornea and other eye diseases
  • sinusitis, tinnitus, chronic bronchitis
  • orthopedic problems, whiplash
  • problems with digestion
  • challenging periods in life, psychosomatic problems.

Coaching offers and programs

Our Coaching and Healing Services are always at the leading edge of what’s available for healing and personal evolution. What you get from working with me is excellent services in a highly supportive and caring environment, support wherever needed, clear guidance and a guarantee that you will take quantum leaps in every area of your life.

I’m only working with the fastest and most efficient programs, tools and practices, dedicated to help you not only to change, but to totally transform what no longer serves you or holds you back.


Why Transformational Coaching Programs?

We all know from our own experiences that change can be brought about fairly quickly, once we have an intention to change something. However, we also know that change can always “change back” as well, and rather sooner than later we find ourselves in the same or a similar situation like the one we wanted to change in the first place.

The best and most widespread examples are our glorious “New Year Resolutions”, when we want to stop smoking, release these 10 pounds, give up daily glasses of wine or beer, bad habits, addictional thinking, exercise regularly, eat only healthy food – the list is endless, and you sure know from your own experience what I’m talking about.

Transformational processes are totally different!


FREE Strategy Session to get to know the true potential within you

Once you have transformed what keeps you from truly living your intentions, these transformed issues can’t get back into the old form because the “old form” is no longer available! You have trans-formed the old in something totally different and new. You have outgrown the past, the old, and moved on to a very different, new and higher level of how you live and experience yourself, your life, your relationships and your careers.

Sounds like magic? It is magic, and much easier then you think!

Make an appointment for a FREE consultation to discuss where you are and how my offers can help you to get where you want to be, how you want to feel, the success and peace, freedom, happiness and joy you want to have in your life.

In this free session we will map out a strategy that perfectly fits you and which aligns with your possibilities (time, resources, money) and your desired outcomes! With this clear strategy in your mind you can then decide if you want to work with me and which program serves you best.


Integrating newest Science and Scientific Research

We’re also involved in scientific research, newest developments and actively work with internationally acclaimed scientists, authors and spiritual leaders as well as different organisations (Heartmath Institute, Global Coherence Initiative, The Reconnection team).

It’s our intention to support healing, human evolution, compassion and love on the planet, for humanity to eventually grow out of the fear-based and limited thinking of the past cycle.

I’m highly professional, combining a scientifically trained mind with intuition and heart based compassion. My clients enjoy being in a cosy, warm and peaceful environment while experiencing the gift of healing (Reconnective Healing offers), and in my personal Coaching Programs they appreciate my professional approach, my vast background and experience in coaching, my guidance and my warm, loving and caring attention.

It’s my intention to always offer you what you need in most efficient, most successful and most effective ways. Sessions with me always provide you with what you need to have the success you deserve, the loving relationships, the peace, freedom and joy you so much want to be part of your life!


Heart Realignment Coaching®

Especially clients who had their personal Reconnection (The Reconnection®) wanted to expand their lifes beyond what they thought was possible before. So we created coaching packages which successfully support you in creating a life of love, abundance and prosperity.

Inspired by the healing stories of our clients we developed three different  Heart Realignment® Coaching Programs to support you in transforming your life and to integrate the healings you experienced (please find details on the Coaching page).

The combination of Reconnective Healing® and Heart Realignment Coaching® is the most effective way to a prosperous, successful and happy life that’s right now available on the planet, and I’m looking forward to working with you if that’s what you choose!

For more information, to book a FREE Strategy Session or in case you have questions, please contact us here.








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