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For privacy reason, some of the names are changed. However, all my clients are willing to answer questions regarding their experiences so you can decide if Reconnective Healing and/or working with me as your Coach to transform your life, your career or your relationships, is the next step you want to take.

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It's such a miracle that happened to me that I just have to share it here! On Sunday I was hiking in the mountains and injured my right foot. Under a lot of pain I managed to finish my hike, get to the car, get some painkillers, and eventually go to an emergency room. My foot was swollen and hurt like not a lot I had experienced before, touching the ground was impossible! The x-ray showed a torn ligament, and I left he hospital with my foot in splints and on crutches, and I was told I had to have this for 6 weeks. On the way home I did about 10 minutes of EFT on my emotional issues, and some self healing with Reconnective Healing, and eventually went to bed, surrendering to the unattractive idea of having splints rather than summer shoes, an not being able to drive for a while. Monday morning I woke up and could hardly believe what I saw and felt. No swelling anymore, and no pain at all. I could stand on it, then I walked on it, eventually I took the splints off, still no pain. I could roll my foot, bend it sideways, no pain at all! I'm always in awe when my clients experience miracles, like healings from cancer or migraines - but experiencing THIS healing myself is VERY special! - Heike Lorenz, 4 days after the accident


Heike Lorenz

I was diagnosed with a lymphoma and immediately decided not to do chemotherapy and radiation. My brother had been diagnosed with the same nine months earlier, and he was only a shadow of his former self. His body was weak and the cancer wasn't gone at all. My wife suggested I should try Reconnective Healing. We both didn't know anything about it, but she read the book and was convinced it could help me. We found Heike through her fantastic website, and made an appointment. In the session with her I experienced deep relaxation of body and mind, and could totally let go of my stress and my fears. We made an appointment for a second session in 4 weeks time. In the meantime I went to see my doctor and we did x-rays, CT's, blood tests and a lot of other tests, as he just couldn't believe his eyes: the tumors all over my torso were gone, my blood tests didn't show a sign of cancer and no matter what he did and tried, it seemed my cancer had gone. Where there were big black tumors all over my torso only weeks ago, there was nothing to be seen anymore! A bit later I went to see a second doctor, just to make sure that there was no mistake and I wasn't celebrating too early. But the same again, not a single sign of a tumor or anything indicating I had cancer! I'm celebrating Reconnective Healing and can't recommend this healing work AND Heike's coaching highly enough! After 6 years of not finding a job, even though I'm highly qualified and trained as an IT engineer, the coaching work I did with her helped to find a job shortly after my miraculous healing. I'm verry happy my healing story has recently been published in an international magazine, and hope it inspires a lot of people, diagnosed with cancer, to try something else than conventional therapy. - Terry Michael, Switzerland



Terry Michael, Switzerland

I have decided to try Reconnective Healing at distance. I called Heike to set the date and I really didn't know what to expect. I was a little bit sceptical, but after the therapy I was totaly amazed! Those energies, that feeling, it was fabulous! I felt so relaxed, so great! I really highly recommend sessions with Heike, as she is such an incredible healer! Nina Rangus, Slovenia


Nina Rangus, Slovenia

After 15 years of searching and looking for a relief with a severe and chronic poly-neuropathy, with Heike and Reconnective Healing, there is finally light at the end of the tunnel!

Two Reconnective Healing distance sessions with Heike allowed me to improve quickly, easily and effortlessly. Thanks to her loving and professional support during the Coaching Program I then took, I was able to take the journey from hardly being able to manage simply daily tasks to going for new projects and enjoying more strength, energy  and joy in my life. She helped me create a new space where a new life is unfolding now in a beautiful, natural way.

I really recommend to work with Heike. You won’t find a person who cares more about your wellbeing and supports you more lovingly during the process she’s leading you through in her Coaching Program. She is so professional, I really feel in good hands with her and I’m enjoying my improved health situation and the changes in my life on all levels! Monique Lallemang, Luxembourg



Monique Lallemang, Luxembourg

My life was at a point where I didn't have a clue what to do. For years I'd been merely functioning, wasn't able to get a sense of myself, didn't feel anything and life was a daily struggle, and with a number of private blows and misfortunes my life was spiraling down. I didn't know that at the time, but the Law of Attraction was fully in function.

When working with Heike I learned that nobody else, not my family, partner of my environment, is responsible for how I'm doing. It's all in my own hands. But how do I do it, where do I begin, and how?! I was continously looking for something that could really help me, and that's when I found Heike Lorenz.

Reconnective Healing, The Reconnection and then a three months Coaching Program with her changed my life in a way I would never have thought possible. The healing sessions and the reconnection allow me to feel connected to my original life-energy. I'm appreciating myself in very new ways and I understood that I'm worthy of asking for and accepting help, and to do something for myself, to take care about my own well-being.

My trust and my love to my husband have deepened and we feel much closer and more connected than before. Heike Lorenz is a fantastic coach. Her empathy and the fact that she's a seemingly endless source of tools and information, as well as that no question goes without answer, is something that always amazes me. She's got a great deal of sensitivity and patience, so anytime I needed support in my process, with my concerns, fears or questions, she was always there for me and held my back. I'm incredibly grateful for being able to work with Heike! Jeannette L. - Zuerich


Jeannette L. Zuerich

After my Reconnection and the healing sessions I feel so much more balanced and life seems to be much easier and more fun. School and studying have usually been such energy draining experiences. Now I'm more patient and things that usually threw me off balance seem to almost have disappeared from my life. After a "dramatic" time at different schools and having been blamed of being a "looser", I just jumped classes at University and will finish my BA shortly! Reconnective Healing is the fastest healing experience I had so far, and the easiest: you're just there, on this massage table, eyes closed, and experience what the frequencies are doing in the body. Emil U., Zurich, Switzerland

Emil U., Zuerich
For many years I was struggling with more and more issues around stress in my job, sleepless nights in which I tried to find solutions to all my challenges and health problems. I had tried a lot, many different therapies, changed my diet, but nothing really helped. Then, one evening, I was watching TV with my husband and our adult children who were visiting for the summer holidays, when suddenly, at 10:30pm, I started to feel pain in my legs, then my back, and eventually in my neck. The pain seemed to come and go in waves, so intense that after a short while I couldn't bare it anymore. I got up, told my husband that I wasn't well and went to bed. Absolutely unusually, I fell asleep immediately. That was around 11pm. The next morning I got up full of energy, my head was 'awake' and light, and I felt totally different to the days and weeks before. At the breakfast table I learned that my husband had asked Heike to do a distance healing session for me. And sure enough, the time she was working was from 10:30 to 11:15pm! I'm very grateful for this amazing healing work and that I don't even have to travel to see someone for a session. For me it's been a totally transforming experience. I feel better and better and a lot in my life seems to change just by itself. Thanks to Dr. Pearl and to Heike for this amazing healing! Judy Robson, San Diego, CL Judy Robson, San Diego

My third heavy car accident at the age of 24 was more than I could take. I've never been driving myself, and I was sure I'm never going to make a driving license after all I experienced! At the age of 19 I was involved in an accident in which 3 of 5 friends in our car died. In the second accident I was so dramatically injured that until today I have 19 bolts in my right arm. Shortly before the third one happened they had to bring be to a hospital after I had a nervous breakdown at work and ended up hyperventilating. I knew that I was suffering from the shock and trauma of these accidents, but nothing I had tried was able to bring relief so far.

After the third accident someone suggested I go and see Heike in her practice. I was sceptical, but I was at the end of my rope and I just had to find something that would give me relief.

I had two incredibly powerful sessions with her, experiences beyond words, and after only 3 weeks I was a totally different person! My back pain had totally disappeared, my arm didn't hurt anymore, I'm back to normal and relaxing sleep patterns, and my girlfriend said she's never before seen me as happy and relaxed as in the last weeks. The problems at my job have dissolved - in short, my life has totally changed and beyond what I ever tought possible.

Imre C., Tata, Hungary

Imre C., Tata, Hungary
For the last twenty years at least, my life was an incredible burden, it felt like a constant battle, and to make matters worse, I had been diagnosed with a very serious disease. I was truely at the lowest point in my life when I experienced this fantastic healing! At the end of my rope, I went to see Heike for my first session. "What is it anyway, how can it help me, is this what I really need?" were questions I asked myself on my way to her practice. After the first session my zest for life came back, in miraculous ways. My body, emotions and my soul seemed to wake up like after a very long and deep sleep. After decades of pain, loss and disappointments I felt like newly born! Ingrid Haber, Wien, Austria Ingrid Haber, Wien
This is the most profound and effective healing work I have experienced. Moreover, Heike is a skilled practitioner, who is a pleasure to work with. Her joyous nature and empathy facilitate the work, as much as her long-term experience with a range of healing arts does. I highly recommend both Heike and Reconnective Healing! Jenny B., New York Jennifer B., New York
For the first time, my wife and I get an idea of the true potential of our relationship. This is something we both probably never expected to be possible. Based on our experiences we cannot recommend highly enough that other couples also have healing sessions and get their personal Reconnection in order to then fully experience deeper dimensions and the possibility of Deeper Love! Dr. Péter Csere, Budapest, Hungary Dr. Péter Csere, Budapest
I'm not easily to be convinced because I'm very sceptical by nature. But then, during my first session, I experienced the reconnective frequencies that Dr. Eric Pearl talks about in his book myself. And yes, "feeling is believing"! I then had my personal Reconnection and feel how it affects many areas of my life. Most importantly, I think much more positively, I'm more outgoing and adventurous. Thank you so much, Heike. To be reconnected makes life and studying so much easier! Kriszta Csere, Komarom, Hungary Kriszta Csere, Komarom
After the second session I realized that the very intense pain in both my knees, that I had had for the last six years, had suddenly disappeared. First I didn't want to tell Heike because I was afraid it would only be temporarily, and the pain would most probably come back after a while. But I'm absolutely pain free, to this day! I not even had the intention to get rid of this pain - I was so used to it and my doctors told me it's incurable because of cartilage wearout. Before, I was hardly able to walk home after work and coming home I was often in tears. Now I enjoy having long walks with my husband and my children. This healing is absolutely priceless! Marie-Luise Koster, Munich, Germany Marie-Luise Koster, Munich
I decided to have a couple of healing sessions and was so overwhelmed that after these experiences I wanted to have my personal Reconnection done. My friends didn't know, but they all told me I had changed a lot. They say I'm much more open, more courageous, and much more relaxed. Thank you Heike, this makes life so much easier! Anna Csere, Komarom, Hungary Anna Csere, Komarom
After I had my personal Reconnection (two sessions over two consecutive days), many things changed in my life. I knew that my health challenges (I had a heart attack when I was 45 and bypass surgery this year) were caused by ongoing stress and difficulties I didn't know how to resolve. However, worst was I couldn't talk about all that but tried to keep it all inside of myself. After the healing sessions and my personal Reconnection I can now talk about difficult topics and things I never felt comfortable talking about, knowing for sure, in my head and my heart, that this already brings relief and solutions that I would have never found before. My stress level has immensly gone down, my children experience me as much more relaxed and my wife is wondering where the man is that she has known for more than 25 years. The lone ranger has turned into a man who's able to express himself and who for the first time in 15 years can see and enjoy the bright sides of life. It became so much lighter in and around me. Thanks to the Reconnection and to Heike's work! Dr. Péter Csere, Budapest, Hungary Dr. Péter Csere, Budapest
In 1995 I suffered from hay fever for the first time, and since then July and August were the worst months of the year. Swollen eyes and nose, the skin around my nose and mouth red and irritated from sneezing non stop, I was almost not able to work. My holidays I usually spent in a cool, dark room while my husband and the children were swimming in the lake and playing in the garden. I was waiting for a rainy day to bring relief, and dreaming that one day I might be able to spend holidays with my family at the beach. This day never came, so, over the years, I got used to my condition. In May and June 2011 I saw Heike for Reconnective Healing sessions regarding physical and emotional issues. She had told me that we never know how and where healing happens, but that we always get the healing we need. I had many wonderful healing happening that I was consciously aware of. However, I hadn't realized that I wasn't suffering from hay fever this year until I heard my daughter sneeze. It's July and usually I would have suffered badly for the last 3 weeks. I have no idea when this healing happened, however, this is the first summer in 16 years that I have not a single symptom of hay fever! Maria Oroth, Komarom, Hungary Maria Oroth, Komarom
When my husband and I had our personal Reconnection done I discovered changes in our relationship I never expected to be possible! We're now working on our relationship with great joy and excitement. For the first time in years we're able to talk about emotions and feelings in very new ways, and the results are incredibly liberating. We are bringing awakening into our intimate relationship, with a deep commitment of having an amazing adventure together. Our trust and our love and appreciation for each other grows on a daily basis. After 35 years of being together that's a true miracle for both of us. We are grateful for being on this journey together, and grateful for this gift of Reconnective Healing. Without it we would not have experienced these amazing shifts and changes! Elisabeth de Beer, Business owner, London Elisabeth de Beer, London
The most beautiful moments of the session, I can remember them clearly! The introductory "scientific-mystical" explanation of Reconnective Healing made me so curious that I felt an incredible longing to experience this new form of healing. A longing that stays with me until today: for the comfort of a cosy room, the condition of laying on the massage table while 'dissolving' into something incredibly healing, and the knowing that I'll have healings happening while enjoying being totally taken care of. I experienced complete physical and emotional relaxation after every session, something I never experienced in my busy life before! The indescribable feeling of not being touched physically, but getting up from the table like newly born, full of energy and totally confident that I'll find solution to all the challenges in my life. This healing totally changed my life and the life of those around me! Dr. Péter Csere, RA, Budapest (Hungary) Dr. Péter Csere, Budapest
I had a couple of healing sessions with the intention to heal the pain in my shoulder that came as a result of a skiing accident I had 13 years ago. After the third session not only my shoulder pain was completely gone, but also the scars on the side of my face and my neck have almost totally disappeared. Something I only realized when my hairdresser asked me if I had had cosmetic surgery. I'm looking forward to more healing sessions and to more surprising results. Anyone who wants to improve his health and wellbeing is highly recommended to have a healing session with Heike! Barbara Luescher, teacher, Zuerich Barbara Luescher, Zuerich
When I first met Heike, I had lost my connection with my true self and was unable to get in touch with what my heart was saying. Heike has great intuition and a bottomless treasure chest of tools, and was quickly able to show me how to reconnect with my heart and my passion. I had a decision to make where I could only see two choices; Heike guided me to awareness of the wealth of alternative possibilities and to opening myself to being shown them. Her gentleness and compassion, coupled with a firm commitment to forward movement, makes Heike a truly great coach. Shelagh Jones, CEO of "SPIRITUS - The Spiritual Marketing Directory", May 2009, www.spiritus-thespiritualmarketingdirectory.com   Shelagh Jones, Doncaster, UK
Heike has been a source of great inspiration and support.  Last week I was able to move through something that was completely blocking me and Heike was an incredible guide. I was in rehearsals for a play that I was directing and it became very clear after the first dress rehearsal, that something desperately needed to be fixed.  I was so in my head and trying to come up with all kinds of problem solving machinations, but all that was doing was giving me a migraine.  I knew that I needed to get out of my head, but I had so little time to solve this problem (an entire design team and cast were waiting for me!) and I didn't know quite how to move through the blocks. I called Heike and she helped me go into my heart in such a beautiful way that I will always remember the experience.  I called on my higher self and re-discovered I could "freefall" and of course the net was there, in the shape of all of my guides and loved ones.  When I got back to my script,  I simply opened it up and out tumbled all of my answers.  It took one hour to capture them and write them down.  It was creative dreaming at it's best.  I went back to rehearsal the next day with an incredibly long work list (my stage manager thought I was a bit nuts), but I announced that we were going to expand time and get everything done that we needed to.  And of course we did, every day for the next 4 days until opening. The show was unrecognizable from that Sunday dress rehearsal.  And the entire creative team was invigorated and charged by the energy in the room.  No drama.  Except for what was on the stage.  A truly remarkable transformation.  And with Heike's sweet, gentle and wise guidance, I was able to open my heart and listen to the wisdom and love that it and she had to offer.  And share it with my creative process and collaborators.  Couldn't have been a happier ending. Lisa Rothe, Director, Coach & Teacher, New York, www.lisarothe.com   Lisa Rothe, New York
I benefited enormously from Heike's keen intuition and application of just the right tools and insights, with ease and matchless virtuosity. Heike is very generous with her skills and her big heart, a never ending source of energy and support. The high caliber energy she shares is a blessing! Jill Mitchell, Aix-en-Provence (France), www.leTrip.org Jill Mitchell, Aix-en-Provence, France
I've made more progress in the most important areas of my life in just a few sessions than I did in 3 years of traditional coaching with a personal & professional development coach which cost me a fortune without bringing lasting results. Heike is absolutely amazing! Friends and co-workers I had referred to her experienced her Fast Track Coaching program with Reconnective Healing and their lifes and careers changed in aboslutely incredible ways as well. She's the most professional and heart-centered person I've ever worked with. Michael Torre, Publisher, London Michael Torre, London
The energy and creative force that Heike brings to the session is incredible.  She is a power house of energy and knowledge combining her past learnings with her creative force empowering us to move forward and center in our heart space. The session was incredible and the energy I felt afterwards was palpable in my body.  I felt renewed, refreshed and like a cleansing, old thought patterns had been lifted from the depths of my being. If you want to facilitate change in your life and assist others from your heart space, a session with Heike will bring new light into your being.  Thanks seems small for the blessing that I received. Much gratitude! Virginia Simonin, Portland, OG   Virginia Simonin, Portland, OG
At the beginning of our session, Heike asked me two questions which were a deceptively simple (as the best questions always are!). My answers really surprised me, and opened up an awareness that Heike gently and skillfully helped me to investigate by examining my feelings and through them connecting to “me”. This new understanding of these feelings has helped me to a sense of power, freedom and possibility that I had lost touch with. Shelagh Jones, CEO of Spiritus - The Spiritual Marketing Directory, May 2010, www.spiritus-thespiritualmarketingdirectory.com   Shelagh Jones, Doncaster, UK
Inmidst of the housing crises in the USA I had tried to sell some property, but nothing worked. For two years I was stuck and things seemed to get worse and worse. That's when I had a coaching session with Heike in order to find what blocked me from successfully selling the houses and to make the money I needed to support my family. Two weeks after our session, and some email support, I got an offer on one of my houses today, AND, they want to pay cash, which means we will be able to close fairly quickly. They don't have to be approved for a mortgage or anything.  *HAPPY BEYOND WORDS!* Sheila Baranoski, business owner and author, Kulpmont, PA Sheila Baranoski, Kulpmont, PA
Working with Heike left me feeling uplifted, confident and knowing that I am not alone and that support is readily to hand should I need it.  She helped me feel my possibilities are limitless. I'm very grateful for your inputs and your generosity.  Thank you so much! Susan Batt, Detroit, Reiki Master, Mentor & Counselor www.healingtouch4health.com Susan Batt, Detroit
Heike is an authentic mirror, where I can see me. I see her and she sees me as I am! Gabriele Regan, Florida, FL Gabriele Regan, Florida
(...) This is undoubtedly why I was able to make such incredible progress in such a short period of time. She must be one of the best in her field, and I recommend her highly to everyone who wants to boost their careers in most rewarding ways! Jane White, CEO, Adelaide, Australia     Jane White, Adelaide
I know I can reach out to her and get the care, compassion and wisdom that I was looking for to help me during transitions. She was quickly able to ferret out the stumbling blocks and give me the tools to move forward. She is clearly the woman I'm glad to have in my corner! Debra Young, CEO, Albany, NY Debra Young, Albany, NY
Thanks to Heike's coaching and healing work I am now in the best emotional, financial, spiritual and physical shape of my life! My life is rich and satisfying on all levels. Heike helped me gain the tools to identify my core values and needs, and to create a life with a clear purpose based on my values and my needs. Annalisa Molina, artist and wine maker, Italy Annalisa Molina


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