The Reconnection®

The main purpose of your Personal Reconnection® is to kick start and speed up your Personal and Spiritual Evolution and Advancement. The Personal Reconnection® helps you to create the life that's fully aligned with your heart's desire, and provides you with the energy, power, creativity, ideas and connections you need to enhance your life in all areas.

In a world in which more and more seems to be out of, or beyond, our control, it's important that we can stand in our own power, no matter what the outer circumstances are. That's possible when we have a strong and reliable connection to All That Is.

Clients who had their Personal Reconnection® done experienced changes in their lifes beyond what they could ever imagine (read more in the testimonial section on the home page and ask me for more information)! They usually take quantum leaps in their careers, turn around relationships that seemed to be doomed to fail or healed physical issues like migraines, arthritis, allergies, year long depressions and serious diseases like cancer and heart problems.

"The Book of Knowledge - The Keys of Enoch" and The Reconnection®

The book "The Book of Knowledge - The Keys of Enoch" by Dr. Hurtak (chapter 3.1.7) speaks about axiatonal lines extending out into the Universe and forming what we would call a matrix of energy, a fifth, or rather multi-dimensional circulatory system of light and information. A bit like meridians used in acupuncture, but more universal.

These lines - which maybe just appear to be lines by us living in a four dimensional Universe here - and this system ties us into becoming more multi-dimensional beings: Awareness, light, frequency, vibration, information. As we access this field, we become more aware, and since we go where our awareness is, we become more multi-dimensional beings, more multi-sensory beings, more the spirit, the essence that we truly are inside, as we go through life in these masks of separation in this phyiscal existence.

What The Reconnection does is it reconnects us to that fullness, and it reconnects us to the Universe. One small gift are the phyiscal healings. The larger gift is that it is our human evolution.

The "Book of Kwowledge - The Keys of Enoch" speaks of the axiatonal lines and The Reconnection in theory. Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection as taught and practised by Dr. Eric Pearl is the actual practical form and presence here on earth of it.

Originally the meridian lines, also called acupuncture lines, in and on our bodies were connected to the grid lines that encircle the planet and intersect at acknowledged power places such as Machu Picchu, Sedona or lines on which the Pyramids in Gizeh were built, as well as other sacred places around the planet like Stonehenge, Glastonbury and others.

These lines continued out and connected us to a vastly larger grid, tying us to the entire universe, the cosmos we're living in. There are axiatonal lines throughout the universe, the galaxies, the solar system, our planet and our bodies. These axiatonal lines connect all things with Divinity (Creator, Source, Spirit, God, however you may call it), and these lines also follow the chinese meridian lines in our body, but at a deeper level.

At one point in time, we became disconnected from these lines and lost the fullness of our inherent connection to the cosmos, distancing us from our previously rapid and expansive rate of evolution. A choice which disconnected our axiatonal lines from all around us and prevented us from reconnecting to our Divine Source. The Personal Reconnection® assists us in remembering our connection, and to re-establish it, so we can eventually reconnect to the vast intelligence that's around us.

Each of our bodies contains its own set of energetic lines and points. Although only remnants of what they once were, these lines and points continue to serve as our interface with the universe: a channel that facilitates our communication of energy, light and information between large and small, macrocosm and microcosm, the universe and humankind.

What happens during your Personal Reconnection® Session?

The Personal Reconnection® brings in “new” axiatonal lines which re-connect us on a more powerful and evolved level to all around us than ever before! These lines are part of a timeless network of intelligence, a parallel-dimensional system that draws the basic energy for the renewal functions of the human body, mind and spirit.

As a certified Reconnective Healing® Practitioner (Level III) I know how to bring in and activate these new lines, allowing for

  • the exchange of energy, light and information,
  • the reconnection of DNA strands and
  • the reintegration of “strings” or simultaneous, parallel planes of existence, as they are also called.

While not required, it is suggested that you experience 1-3 Reconnective Healing® sessions prior to receiving your Personal Reconnection®. For questions please contact me through the website, I'm looking forward to answering your questions and explain in detail whenever you want to know more.

Difference between Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection®

The difference between Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection® is basically one of intent.

  • The intent of Reconnective Healing® is essentially that of healing, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or on any other level. And, of course, to achieve the degree of healing brought forth via Reconnective Healing®, you will, to some extent, experience 'Reconnection' as part of the process. It’s this 'Reconnection', facilitated through a trained practitioner, that allows Reconnective Healing® to be so dramatically more comprehensive than all the various enery healing techniques we've known until now.
  • The intent of The Personal Reconnection® is to bring us into the fullness of our inherent connection with the universe. This is a two-session experience, commonly referred to as receiving your Personal Reconnection. And, of course, while achieve the degree of reconnection brought fourth via The Personal Reconnection®, you will experience healing as part of the process as well.

The Personal Reconnection® is a two-session, in-person process

The Personal Reconnection® is a process every person has done only once in a lifetime. It's a two-session process, designed to reconnect you to your original fullness with the entire cosmos.

Since the Personal Reconnection® is a highly sophisticated process, only certified Level 3 practitioners (by Dr. Eric Pearl and The Reconnection) in good standing are allowed to facilitate the Personal Reconnection®. They can be found in the Practitioners Directory on the official website of The Reconnection, as well as on the website of the official german speaking association (

The total fee for the Personal Reconnection® is in all countries the same, according to the reglementations on the official website:

  • USA at $333 USD
  • Europe (and Switzerland) are at €333
  • Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania and Poland are at $333 USD

Each session lasts approximately 75 minutes, with some time at the end of the session to discuss your experience.






Neither we nor Dr. Eric Pearl or representatives of The Reconnection® make any claims, promises or give any guarantees. We are neither diagnosing nor treating specific health issues or challenges. Your health and your healing is totally your own responsibility.



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