Reconnective Healing®

Reconnective Healing® is a revolutionary new form of healing that is here on the planet for the very first time, as scientists say. It is considered to be able to reconnect us to the universe and to our very essence not just through a new set of healing frequencies, but through an entirely new bandwidth of energy, light and information. The reality of its existence has demonstrated itself clearly in practice as well as in the many scientific studies since its discovery in 1993.

Have you noticed a shift going on here on the planet? Have you noticed a shift going on in your own life? Look around. It seems that we are all experiencing a tremendously powerful shift on the planet, one that is affecting everything from the weather to our socio-economic systems and of course, our daily lives.

As humans, we therefore often find ourselves in need of healing on all levels: emotional, physical, spiritual and mental, and we all look for ways to let go of stress, to relax and bring our lives back into balance. We are also looking for ways to improve all of the areas of our lives, and in fact, we all probably want an edge to get ahead in our lives, in our relationships, our careers, in sports or other activities.

Reconnective Healing® session take place either in my practice or, if you can't come to see me or if you're living in a different country or on a different continent, I love to work with distance healing as well. For more information, as well as for contact details of highly satisfied clients who had distance healing sessions, please contact me through this website or via email.


Reconnective Healing® is Healing and Balancing on All Levels

If any of this applies to you, then you might like to hear the following: scientists are now proving that Reconnective Healing® helps you not only to heal on all levels but also to significantly improve your physical energy levels and at the same time balance your emotional and mental states!

The outcome of these benefits is that it helps everyone enter into a state where they are able to recuperate from daily challenges, sleep better, improve performance, have balanced and harmonious relationships and perform without the usual signs of depletion, stress and feeling burnt out. Moreover, these expanded energy and mental functions help you to access and maximize your own gifts and talents by being fully supported on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Healing on All Levels: Body - Mind - Emotions - Spirit

As we know from the many books, speakers and teachers in the field of New Medicine, most of our physical issues, if not all, are rooted in disharmonies on other levels of our being, are they emotional, mental or spiritual. Mostly it's a combination of all these four levels, and to make things worse, one that obviously doesn't follow clear, systematic patterns.

Nach meiner zweiten Session merkte ich, dass starke Knieschmerzen, die ich während der letzten sechs Jahre in beiden Knien gehabt hatte, plötzlich ver

Marie-Luise Koster, Munich

Most of the time we can recognize certain tendencies, but that's about all. Anything else you're being told is just not true. We can say that backpain can have to do with financial issues, however, it can also have to do with receiving and giving love, and a lot more.

That's why conventional medicine usually does not heal but only treat symptoms. That's not healing because the disease usually doesn't disappear, only the symptoms in some cases. On the other hand, even though 'alternative' or 'energy healing modalities' are approaching physical, mental and emotional dis-eases differently they are still having a hard time to find root causes and treat them; it usually takes a lot of time, effort and money in order to really heal. Believe me, as an experienced energy healer (EFT, TAT, Sedona, The Work, you name it) I know what I'm talking about - been there, done that!

Reconnective Healing® on the other hand does heal, and the healing happens on the level where you need healing. We do not have to know which one it is, the healing just happens. There's a higher wisdom we invite into the equation, and we can eventually transcend tools, techniques, and modalities. And that's one of the things what makes Reconnective Healing so very different, so incredibly efficient and successful!

Why is Reconnective Healing® different from Energy Healing?

You probably know Louise Hay's book "Heal your body, heal your life", and others where we find endless information about possible links between symptoms and how they might cause illnesses, pain, stress and serious diseases. Energy healing practitioners (and I was one of them) spend most of their time and energy on finding and analyzing possible connections and then try to heal them by sending energy or supporting the flow of the energy in your body or whatever else their techniques and tools suggest.

It's an amazing gift that with Reconnective Healing® we no longer have to look into root causes and try to dig them out in order to heal them in a time and money consuming process (EFT, Reiki, TAT, Tao, Prana, Johrei, Qi Gong, you name it). The new and higher frequencies of Reconnective Healing®, consisting of a totally new bandwith that comprehends energy, light and information, find their way and do the healing, no matter what. All it needs is a trained practitioner who knows how to use these frequencies and allows the healing to happen, with ease and grace, in a very short time. Reconnective Healing stays forever.

"Healing is indeed so easy, and anything else that's more complicated, takes longer and costs more money is not about healing, but about selling. Healing is just that simple, with these new frequencies. Reconnective Healing® is beyond technique, beyond tools and modalities. It's about you and about your healing." Dr. Eric Pearl

Sessions with a trained Reconnective Healing® Practitioner

As a trained Reconnective Healing® Practitioner I carry and accommodate this all-inclusive spectrum of energy, light and information and work with these highly palpable energies. You as a client will respond to them, physically – and visibly – immediately, as I guide you into healing realms beyond those previously accessible by anyone, anywhere.

No matter if you're coming to see me in person or if you want me to work with you while you're on the other side of the world, or if you want healing for a loved one who doesn't even know that he/she's receiving healing, like your spouse, your child or a parent (*): The results are always 100% powerful.

The reason why it is this way is that in Reconnective Healing we're not working with the spectrum of energy. Energy gets weaker with distance, however, these Reconnective frequencies get stronger the further away we are (see studies by Prof. William Tiller, and others under Research).


Personal Sessions

During the session you will be asked to lie down on a massage table, to close your eyes, simply relax and pay attention to your inner experiences. This is a "Hands-Off-Non-Touch" process where a practitioner works over, around, sometimes near, and sometimes far away from the body. You will effortlessly dive into a state of deep relaxation, yet the entire time you remain fully alert, conscious and aware.

Sessions typically last 60 minutes with table time of 35 to 40 minutes. Before and after the session is time to ask questions and also to discuss your experiences. Reconnective Healing® is NOT a type of therapy that requires ongoing weekly sessions for long periods of time in order to be effective. Healing usually occurs in just 1-3 sessions. Usually 3 sessions are recommended to get the full benefit of Reconnective Healing®.


Distance Healing Sessions

The setting for distance healing sessions is quite similar. At the time of the appointment I'll call you and talk to you shortly on the phone. We'll then end our conversation, you will sit or lie down, comfortably, I'll facilitate the healing session that will take about 40 minutes, and after that I'll call you again in order to talk about your experiences and answer your questions.

Reconnective Healing for Children

As a mother of two in the meantime adult sons and a trained family therapist with more thank 15 years of experience in this field, it's my passion to help children. In todays' world they have to deal with more, or at least very different challenges than probably any generation before them. Media, school, learning difficulties or disorders, divorce or separation of their parents, the dead of a loved one, the illness of a pet, or a serious deseases are just some of these challenges.

However, our children also hold the keys to our spiritual evolution. They are our connection to a new world, and deserve our attention in every way. Children are our guiding lights and our brightest stars, and in so many ways, we can be awed to have them in our presence. They are amazing little beings indeed. My work is dedicated to bringing healing, relieve and support to children, teenagers and young adults in particular.

One of the greatest gifts we can offer to our children is allowing and supporting them in reconnecting to the fullness of their gifts, talents and their personal guidance to unfold the fullness of their potential with ease and grace.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could just stop worrying, spending huge amounts of money and a lot of time on special therapies, tutoring, or even medication?

Contact me for further information or to make an appointment for your child through the contact page of this website. I'm looking forward to helping your child to reconnect with its fullest potential.

Reconnective Healing for Animals

There’s a delicate interconnectedness with all life on earth and being compassionate toward animals is a key to achieving lasting global peace. To relieve the pain and suffering of abused or neglected animals and help them live happier, more joyful lives is the greatest gift we can give them.

Reconnective Healing offers a way to heal them on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We are here at this unique time in history – and we have the opportunity to experience and share something new, different and real.

This is a powerful new way to help heal our animal companions, make a positive impact in our community and bring new levels of compassion and healing onto the planet!

Whether I was facilitating healing to abused farm animals or beloved 'beasty companions' of my clients or in my own family, I regularly see amazing results with all of the animals I meet, either physically or when providing distance healing.

Sessions in Person or at Distance

Sessions are in person or at distance, both is equally successful. Reconnective Healing is not energy healing. Energy becomes weaker the greater the distance. Reconnective frequencies, however, become even more intense and powerful the further away we go from the person who wants healing. Something that was discovered in a series of scientific studies by Drs. William Tiller, Gary Schwartz and others.


Please contact me for the session fee in your area, and to learn more about my special offers and packages! I speak German, English and French.

Contact me through the contact form, email or call me. Contact details are on my contact page.

I'm looking forward to answering your questions and will also tell you about healing experiences of my clients.






Only certified Reconnective Healing® practitioners (by Dr. Eric Pearl and the teaching team of The Reconnection) are allowed to facilitate Reconnective Healing session. These practitioners can be found in the Practitioners Directory of The Reconnection website.

We and representatives of make no claims or promises, or give any guarantees. We are neither diagnosing nor treating specific health issues or challenges. You are fully responsible for your health and your healing, Reconnective Healing facilitators do just that: they facilitate whatever is appropriate for you in any given space in time.



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