Reconnective Healing

Why is Reconnective Healing® so different from "Energy Healing"?

Reconnective Healing® is a form of healing that brings in a totally new spectrum of healing frequencies, consisting of energy, light and information. This new bandwith of frequencies has been researched and validated by top doctors, medical researchers and scientists worldwide. Scientists suggest that these frequencies are possibly here on the planet for the first time and that they carry the potential to help us eliminate disease on all levels, by affecting our cells and our DNA (see Research).

"First you need to understand that Reconnective Healing® is a new level of healing that the researchers feel is here on the planet for the very first time. It allows us to reconnect with our original fullness as human beings, and our fullness as spirit. There have been a lot of different techniques out there for a very long time, and what they do is they help us to access energy to help us heal the body. But healing is not only about the body. Healing is not only about regaining a healthy arm, leg, kidney or liver. Healing is truly about our evolution. And now there's something much more, that takes us beyond the subsets of energy, beyond all energy, into that new spectrum of energy, light and information. It turns the law of physics inside-out and upside-down. It seems to do the opposite of anything we've seen before and brings on healing that's very instantaneous and tends to last for a lifetime." Dr. Eric Pearl, October 3, 2011

Dr. Eric Pearl explains that Reconnective Healing® is very different from the energy healing techniques we know of today. These techniques utilize electromagnetic energy, while Reconnective Healing® brings us up “to a higher level of magneto-electric energy,” up to a “higher dimensional level”. In Reconnective Healing®, “what is happening is that many kinds of energy and light are flowing through the healer and into the person looking for healing". That's way beyond what we were accessing before now!

In other words, the Reconnective Healing® frequencies bring healing beyond just what has been classically known as "energy healing". It's a much broader "spectrum of energy, light and information”, a spectrum that may not have been accessible to us prior to now. It is this spectrum that seems to allow for healings to occur on greater levels as well as instantaneously.

Science even shows that these special frequencies are not only able to repair actual damages in our DNA, but also damages that occured sometime in the past, and the healing is always instantaneously.

A revolutionary new level of healing and life enhancement

Reconnective Healing® is a revolutionary new level of healing and life enhancement, opening a doorway to the next level of human evolution, where instantaneous healing and regeneration are simple, everyday facts of life. Where simple, everyday miracles happen in all areas of your life, whenever you invoke them into your life.

Said another way, Reconnective Healing® turns healing into advantage, for every facet of your life: your health, your relationships, your career, exercise and sports performance, your overall wellbeing, your emotions, a balanced state of mind and your spiritual growth.

Free from belief systems, tools and techniques, dogma and philosophies, Reconnective Healing® provides a concrete experience of healing, peace and self-love within the hectic distractions of modern life. It contributes effectively to reversing signs of aging and deteriorating health (see Research), lifts you up and restores your full state of wellbeing according to the level of healing that's your next step in your personal evolution.

Während vieler Jahre kämpfte ich mit ständigen Schwierigkeiten und Stress im Job, schlaflosen Nächten, in denen ich Lösungen zu finden versuchte f

Judy Robson, San Diego

Reaching beyond all boundaries, Reconnective Healing® touches the chords that resonate at the core of humanity. Through its simple practice, hundreds of thousands have already healed body, emotions, mind or their spritiual level and thus totally transformed their experience of life - in the wink of an eye.

How does Reconnective Healing® happen?

As Dr. Eric Pearl, who discovered these healing frequencies in 1993, says very openly: "We don't know." But what we do know is that healing always happens, in whatever form is best and appropriate for any person at any given time, and on whatever level is optimal for the person looking for healing.

At the 2010 ISSSEEM conference, new research was published regarding studies with Reconnective Healing® conducted by Ann Baldwin, Gary Schwartz and Doug De Vito. In this research, Reconnective Healing® was shown to be real, measurable as well as documentable in numerous independent measurements. It was also shown to be different than energy healing as we know it.

When practicing the work, both the practitioner and the client go into dramatically enhanced healing states. The practitioner goes into a state in which marked and significant brain and heart activity occurs. This state, called emotional quiescence, is associated with extreme awareness, feelings of peace, connection to the field and the ability to perceive on enhanced levels. This is NOT the state that is typically seen with ANY energy healing modality on the planet OR meditation!

With Reconnective Healing®, the mechanism is simply different than anything documented on the planet before. All traditional and existing new “energy healing” modalites have similar mechanisms: requiring the practitioner to first become centered, coherent or aligned within themselves, then connect to some higher source of energy. If they are able to do the first two steps effectively, then they can, most probably, become a conduit for those energies. But only if they remain grounded and focus, with enough discipline, through whatever technique is required!

Reconnective Healing® has a completely different mechanism. Through this work, we become catalysts. As a practitioner, we receive and sense the frequencies and energies – but we do not send them. As a result of this new mechanism, we are able to step beyond the limitations and frailties of technique, for the benefit of ourselves, but mostly for the benefit of our clients!

Recent scientific studies

Scientific research shows us how energy healing, as it has been used up to now, affects the healing of our DNA. What they found is astonishing, and here is what they found so far:

Once they put DNA under shock, by exposing it to extreme heat so it came close to death, the DNA completely uncoiled.

  • When the DNA was left by itself, it took some time, but the DNA recoiled and got back to its original state after some time;
  • When different energy healers with different modalities worked on the DNA, this actually slowed the recoiling process of the DNA down.
  • It turned out that the DNA recuperated faster when no energy healing was applied to it!

Now the fascinating finding with Reconnective Healing®: scientists thought that since Energy Healing is really 'healing', then slowing down the recoiling of the DNA must be part of the healing process. They approached Dr. Eric Pearl for some studies, assuming that since with Reconnective Healing® the healing is instantaneously and stays for a lifetime, then Reconnective Healing® must really, really slow down the recoiling of the DNA.

They were in for a big surprise!

  • Reconnective Healing® not only lead to a rapid recoiling of the damaged DNA but it was shown
  • that Reconnective Healing® heals even pre-existing damages in the DNA. Something energy healing techniques definitely don't do.

What’s more, the benefits of these powerful frequencies are not just limited to helping people with disease. Studies show that they go far beyond the traditional definition of “healing” and into new realms of improving and upgrading a person’s physical being, performance and mental function.

These studies have also shown that the benefits from this work affect humans on the basic level of their DNA, and through this, these new frequencies literally restructure our DNA, our muscles, our tissues and skeletal system. It has been found that even DNA that has been damaged a while ago is healed instantaneously through reconnective healing. All of this is done while at the same time it balances the peoples' mental and emotional states, so they can simply perform better in all areas of their life.

For more information please go to the Research page where you find results of scientific studies and information regarding the newest research.



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