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Holding Energy for another person


This recording is part of a class in which I guided the participants through a process of guided imagery that’s called “Holding energy”. It’s a powerful tool that TRANSFORMS not only the experience of the person for which we’re holding the energy, but also our own.

Lynne McTaggart’s research in the field of “Group Intention” reveals that the person receiving positive group intentions gets unbelievable changes and immediate improvements (The Intention Experiment): one person with daily headaches suddenly woke up the next day without one, while another person with an eye problem reported being healed with 80% of her sight returned.

However, the most interesting finding of this research is that the people SENDING the intentions have reported RECEIVING permanent improvements and positive changes in their lives as well.

The conclusion is what ancient and spiritual traditions have known for ages: that abundance is about GIVING, and there is a rebound effect that we GET when we simply see and agree with the heart-felt deepest desires of another person.

May this tool, inspired by my friend and teacher Max Wellspring, bring countless blessings to all holding and receiving light, love and unconditional love!

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Holding Energy









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